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This is not a franchise. All builders maintain their own identities.


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• exceptional documentation services

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Design Artisan is taking design and documentation services that in the past were available to only a few and now making them accessible and affordable – in order to improve the lifestyle of the wider community.

By improving form and function, Design Artisan is inviting the public to question what they accept as beautiful homes and what those homes represent in terms of value for money. Great design does not have to cost more … in fact, it can actually cost less. The experience within Design Artisan’s growing team makes it a leader in design of residential and commercial projects.

Design Artisans’ design studio is fitted with the latest computer hardware and software, ensuring the highest levels of service to Design Artisan’s licensee builders. Builders gain the opportunity to captivate prospective clients with stunning marketing and presentation materials and comprehensive preliminary and final documentation.

Design Artisan’s promotional and technical documents see enquiries turn into contracts and ensure on-site projects run smoothly, efficiently and on time. Builders who share the Design Artisan passion to build better housing for more people are invited to make contact about designing a successful future together.

what we do at Design Artisan

IT FOLLOWS, therefore, that we are looking for master builders to join with us who feel exactly the same way about building homes.

Design Artisan homes are built by a network of licensee master builders operating in exclusive regions. Our objective is to help and support our builders in providing beautiful, innovative homes of real quality in their regions and to see those regions extend across Australia. Our builders must have a sound reputation for quality construction and fine service and should be experienced and local to their area.

Design Artisan’s licensee builders will be looking to expand their businesses by creating products far superior to those of their competitors. To do that, they will either have their own outstanding team of professional tradespeople or have access to exceptionally able sub-contractors.

In short, our licensee master builders are ambitious enough to want to find a real competitive edge over their fellow builders and idealistic enough to want to see an end to the construction of poorly designed, unappealing homes in their own, exclusive region. If that description applies to you and your business, now is the perfect time to contact Design Artisan and talk over the possibilities for designing a successful future together.

happens next?

QUALITY BUILDERS, you now have the opportunity to join with Design Artisan in providing superior housing solutions to your communities. You can become part of the growing network of Design Artisan’s exclusively licenced master builders. Market and build the Design Artisan range of homes under your own company banner, while Design Artisan provides you with comprehensive design and documentation services through easy-to-follow systems and procedures.

Design Artisan’s unique products and services turn enquiries into clients, ensure optimal on-site efficiency and place our licenced builders far ahead of their competitors. It’s a partnership that’s designed for success. Contact Design Artisan to talk over how that success could be yours.

… in their own words

WE HAVE certainly enjoyed the experience of teaming with Design Artisan to create our portfolio of plans. We are always impressed with their creativity, professionalism and dedication to providing us with an amazing range of plans for use in our building business.
We have worked with Design Artisan for many years on countless diverse projects and we have proved their creative, inspiring ideas are infectious. Every project is undertaken with a serious degree of professionalism, enthusiasm and genuine interest in the outcome.
Design Artisan would always be our first choice for any building project that required lateral thinking, creativity, the ‘wow factor’ and a plan that always exceeds your expectations. Thank you, Design Artisan, for your ‘can do’ attitude and amazing attention to every last detail.”

Carl and Jill Corbett


Design Artisan are leaders in their field of creating perfect, liveable solutions. The team has an intrinsic understanding of all the aspects our clients want in their homes. Nothing too large is a challenge; nothing too small is too simple. Each project is treated with the same commitment to provide the most pleasurable results. It is a joy to present these wonderful creations to our clients. Design Artisan make magic when they look at our client brief. Their foresight – to be able to create even more than the client recognised they sought – is such a valuable benefit to Absolute Homes. Absolute Homes is proud to be part of the Design Artisan Group of builders. We feel privileged to have the abundant and passionate services of Design Artisan to offer the Gladstone region.

Freya and John O’Sullivan


Please contact our office for further information. Alternatively complete the “enquire now” panel provided and we will happily assist with your enquiry. CLICK THIS LINK to determine whether your region is currently serviced by an exclusive Design Artisan licensee builder. Only areas not currently serviced may be available as all licences are exclusive for the regions to which they apply.


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