Design Artisan: leaders in design innovation

Founded on ideals

Design Artisan has grown on the firmest of foundations, designed around a set of principles and built on a set of ideals.

Managers Russell Winnett and Tamara Eyles Initially launched Design Artisan’s predecessor Dzign-R in 2006, from the outset putting values at the core of the business. These values still continue to be shared by the current company’s director, professional and administrative staff and encouraged in those organisations with whom Design Artisan works in partnership.

The company’s overriding goal is to improve the form, function and affordability of housing in the wider community. By extending the availability of professional design and documentation services – in the past often reserved to a select few – Design Artisan has put them within reach of many more people. In this way, each year we successfully improve the quality of more people’s lives. And since quality of life is what most people most want for themselves and their families, it has proved to be the perfect base for the company’s remarkable growth.

As well as economics, science and mathematics, Design Artisan’s formula for success has taken three different elements – aspiration, inspiration and a little dash of magic – and mixed them together for everyone’s benefit.

– Our aspiration is to offer each of our clients an outcome to improve their life. Our strong and growing design team makes us a leader across a wide range of residential developments
– Our inspiration is visible in the strikingly beautiful, elegant and innovative buildings that give pleasure to those who live in them and, just as important, enhance the built environment for everyone
– And we make a little magic with each and every client brief, by being able to incorporate into homes even more than clients recognised they were seeking

For Design Artisan, nothing large is too challenging; nothing small is too simple. Each and every project is accorded exactly the same level of commitment; to provide the best, most functional and beautiful results.


Better than all the rest

Quality people, quality design and quality construction come together for your new Design Artisan home. 

The Design Artisan licensee builder who will build your home is a builder of absolute quality. They have been selected to work in an exclusive association with us because they share a similar mindset to Design Artisan and are committed, through their expertise and workmanship, to help achieve the ideals upon which Design Artisan was founded and which have guided our success.

Your licensed builder is committed to applying the highest levels of quality and service when building the Design Artisan home you select. Your builder will maintain these standards in each home they build, reflecting their wish and ours to see a rise in the standard, functionality and aesthetic appeal of home construction.

Each licensed builder has access to a team of thoroughly professional tradespeople and able sub-contractors. As a client, you will benefit from our licensee builder’s ambition and idealism: ambition to create a better product than their competitors; and idealism in seeking an end to construction of poorer quality, unattractive homes in their exclusive licensed area.

Design Artisan and our builders offer a huge array of designs, together with full preliminary and final documentation and all related requirements and options, devised and created by first-rate teams of designers and construction professionals.


On time and on budget

Design Artisan uses a collaborative design approach – involving you, us and your exclusive Design Artisan licensee builder – to deliver each project efficiently, on time and on budget.

Our recipe for success is based upon simple but vital principles, put into practice by our growing team of professionals. Clients can be assured their Design Artisan home is built on these four supporting pillars:

– Our extensive prior knowledge and years of combined experience of residential projects
 Our design expertise, based upon the talents and qualifications of our personnel
 Our ability to understand and embrace individual project objectives and key issues
 Our unrivalled ability to produce industry-leading documentation services for every project

Design Artisan understands that balancing your budget is both important and, these days, increasingly difficult. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a home for you that will meet your financial needs and goals. Continual consultation with your exclusive Design Artisan licensee builder for the entire period of the design and documentation of your home helps tailor your home precisely to your budget.

Design Artisan is also committed to environmentally sustainable design. This delivers broad benefits for your ongoing quality of living and allows you to contribute in a real and positive way to caring for our shared environment.


Awards recognise industry leadership

Design Artisan homes are designer residences featuring elements normally found only in individual, architect-designed homes.

They are designed to ensure construction costs are kept to a minimum but without compromising on quality or integrity. By bringing its resources and expertise to improving form and function, Design Artisan can show people what is both achievable and obtainable.

Our principal design studio is located at Mount Tamborine, on Queensland’s Gold Coast, and is equipped with the most up-to-date computer hardware and software, enabling us to provide the highest levels of service. Allied with this technology are the skills, talents and expertise of a growing team, who are the key to the quality of our residential and commercial design solutions. It is this team’s depth of knowledge and experience that make us a leader in the design and construction of the built environment.

Design Artisan’s innovative, affordable designer housing has been recognised with many industry awards, including Queensland State awards. Our builders have also won many Master Builders’ Association awards.


Where dreams evolve

The Design Artisan team of professionals is the leader in creating perfect, liveable solutions.

Each has an intrinsic understanding of the aspects and features clients want and need in their homes in order to get the most out of living in them.

Building on its founding ideals and principles, Design Artisan and each of its team members has:

Created new benchmarks in practical, affordable, environmentally friendly housing
Built close and long-lasting customer relationships through exceptional service and advice
Fine-tuned an exemplary communications’ system that delivers projects on time and on budget.

Each year, a growing network is adding our inspiration, aspirations and dash of magic to the country’s housing and improving the quality of life of more and more Australians.

Accessible and affordable quality of life: Design Artisan remains committed to match and exceed our founding ideals on every project, while your builder adheres to exacting on-site standards as together we turn your dreams into reality.